Somaliland: Presidential Elections Will Be Held In Due Time, President Silanyo Reaffirms.
December 25, 2016 - Written by qoriadmin
  • President:  ‘Let’s all unite pondering & thinking of how we will allow all our Hearts To Dwelling On Today, So As To Build What We Want To Be For Tomorrow’

Hargeisa  – “God Willing, Somaliland’s Upcoming Presidential Election Will Be Held As Scheduled (28th March, 2017). KULMIY And Its Government Not Seeking Term Extension.”

This Has Been Reaffirmed By Somaliland President Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo, Despite The Concerns Over The Possibilities Of The Hazards Of Prolonged Droughts In Country’s Eastern Regions To Become An Interruption Which Once Again Lead The Postponement Of The Forthcoming Presidential Election Which Has Been Scheduled Take Place In Early 2017.

President Ahmed Silanyo Speaking at KULMIYE Party’s National Youth Wing Conference On Tuesday called for all KULMIYE Supporters To Stand Beside His Party’s Presidential Nominees. He Expressed that he prefers KULMIYE party presidential nominees Muse Behi Abdi and his running-mate Abdirahman Ismail Seili’i as the right runners Who Currently suitable for the leadership of the country who he wishes to continue Accomplishing His Government’s ambitions on development. “During My Government era, a lot has been achieved. Also there are a lot of other important issues which are yet to be done. The truth is that everything can’t be done in a single term. As such, in order for the party to sustain accomplishing its previously achieved progress, I am calling for all KULMIYE supporters and particularly for youth and women to once again out and stand by KULMIYE Presidential candidates in the upcoming presidential elections, in order for KULMIYE party to once more win a convincing victory by repeating party’s 2010 elections landslide triumph.”

President Silanyo, moreover, sent his congratulations to Somaliland youth for their vital contribution and irrefutable role when it comes to reconstruction of the country, development, peace strengthening, education, economic improvement, defending and realizing people’s aspirations of having independent and sovereign Somaliland. He urged them to never give up, and to consistently keep up their determination on unity and setting preference to pursuing public interest rather than personal one.

He noted ‘Let bygones be bygones’ as he urged all Somaliland youth to give more focus on today and tomorrow, “Let’s all unite pondering and thinking of how we will allow all our hearts to dwelling on today, so as to build what we want to be for tomorrow.”


Speaking about the vision, and experience of his ruling KULMIYE Party and what were the reasons behind his party’s triumph during earlier elections and how his party has finally managed to gain the hearts of the majority of the voters which lead them to take power from its predecessor (UDUB party) in 2010 presidential elections – which was a historic election for Somaliland state, as two democratically elected presidents peacefully transferred power, henceforth, made Somaliland a beacon of democracy in the horn – the President said, “KULMIYE stands for the Unity and Development of all Somaliland people. Its vision is to have a democratic and independent state that embodies the aspirations of the people of Somaliland. KULMIYE is now a ruling party. It came to power only because of the existence of a major support given by the majority of youth and women in Somaliland. Their support was a key for party’s success. During opposition time, it took a long journey for KULMIYE party to overtake. But finally we did, as we showed patience, tolerance, political maturity, compromise, information sharing and unity.”

Finally Somaliland President Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo prayed for those who were displaced by the droughts and pledged that his government will keep up providing humanitarian and relief aids to those people who were severely hit by the recent droughts in the eastern regions of the country. He similarly called for all Somaliland people in the country and abroad to continue supporting famine hit people who are direly in need for relief aids.

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