Somalia’s President Grants 3 Million Dollar Funds To Somaliland’s Wadani Unionist Party.
November 4, 2017 - Written by qoriadmin


The President Of Somalia, Hon. Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo Has Authorized And Signed 3 Million Dollars Cheque To Be Granted To Wadani Unionist Opposition Party In Somaliland. Wadani Party Secretary On Foreign Affairs, Hon. Mohamed Osman Fadal Was Addressed To Receive The Cheque As It Was Issued From The Central Bank Of Somalia.

Somalia’s Central Bank Issued The Cheque In September This Year. The Funds Bankrolled By Somalia’s Fragile Government Installed In Mogadishu, The War Torn Capital Is Overtly Funding Wadani Unionist Party Which Is Lobbying For The Unification Of Somalia And Somaliland. Hon. Ismail Hure Bubaa Is Somaliland Politician Who Believes The Federalism Ideology Who Returned To The Country But Did Not Publicly Give Up His Doctrine.

Mr. Ismail Is The Guy Who Is Believed To Be The Man Who Is Shuttling Between Wadani Party And Somalia’s Fragile Government Which Hopes That Funding Will Propel It To The Presidency In Somaliland.

Mr. Ismail Has Said That He Will Join The Party That Works The Unity Of Somalia And Somaliland. Wadani As One Of The National Political Parties Is A Unionist Party That Campaigns For The Confederation Of Somalia And Somaliland.

Source: Somalilandinformer.

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