President Bihi’s Trible Affiliation With Djabouti Is Impacting Somaliland’s Foriegn Policy.
March 5, 2018 - Written by qoriadmin

London-(QN24)-After The Republic Of Djibouti Had Recently Announced Relinquishing The Deal With DP World Which Has Caused Major Shakeup For UAE’s Influence Over The Region. Former Somaliland Planning Minister Mr.Mohamed Ibrahim Best Known As Qabyo-Tire Has Criticised The Support Of Some Government Officials And Politicians For The Govenment Of Djabouti.
Mr. Qabyo-Tire’s Press Conference Comes As There Are Reports Saying That The Government Of Djabouti Trying To Enfluence The Goverment Of Somaliland To Take Similar Decision As Them Ant To Oust Dp World From Somaliland And Undermine Their Contruct To Run The Port Of Berbera.
Mr. Qabyo-Tire Noted That Those Politicians Who Are Supporting Djabouti All Belonging To The Some Tribe As Somaliland’s President, Muse Bihi.
Mr. Qabyo-Tire Stressed That Those Politicians Should Distinguish Between Somaliland’s Interest And Their Personal Relationship With The Djabouti Goverment.
Mr.Qabyo-Tire Also Said That It Is Ironic That All The Politicians Who Ar Defending Djabouti And Trying To Dismiss His Words Are All From The Same Tribe.
In A Separate Speech, Engineer Faisal Ali Warabe The Chairman Of Ucid Party Has Strongly Criticised The Government Of Djabouti For Interfering In Somaliland’s Affairs. Eng. Warabe Has Commented On The Behaviour Of Same Of Somaliland’s Politicians Who Are Supporting Djabouti And Ignoring Djabouti’s Attempt To Hinder The Berbera Port Deal With The Dp World. He Also Said That The Politicians Of Somaliland Should Not Encourage Djabouti To Interfere In Somaliland’s Issues Just Because They Have Its Passports Referring To The President Of Somaliland Who Has A Djabouti Citizenship.
Eng. Warabe Also Criticised Mr. Ali Gurey Who Is A Somaliland Politician And Who Comes From The Same Tribe As President Muse Bihi. Eng. Warabe Outlined That Politicians Such As Mr. Ali Gurey Should Not Act In A Way That Could Damage The Reputation And Interest Of The Republic Of Somaliland.
Both Politicians Stressed That It Is Important To Remember That Everyone Has The Same Rights As Each Other And That No Tribe Can Claim An Upper Hand Over How The Country Is Run.
Written By A B Ibrahin.
LLM International Financial Law, BA Business

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