Somaliland: UK Funded Military Officers Mess Inaugurated In Hargeisa.
April 18, 2018 - Written by qoriadmin

The Minister Of Defense Mr.Issa Ahmed Yusuf Opened A New Building For Military Personnel. The New Building Which Comprises Of A Ten Room Hostel And Classes fFor Officers Was Inaugurated Today At The Hargeisa Officers Mess, Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) Reported.

The chief of Somaliland Armed Forces General Nuuh Ismael Taani confirmed that the buildings are intended for junior officers who are on training. The buildings are funded by the UK government which sent their military attaché in the Addis Ababa embassy and some officers to attend the hand over ceremony.

Briefing the press at the venue a lieutenant colonel Mark stated that Britain will do all in her power to support Somaliland military forces.

Addressing journalists General Taani stated “I’m much honored to inform the minister of defense that this auspice project has been funded by the British government. It was long overdue and as you know the military personnel need to refresh their knowledge or else they will not add any value to the institution and the national as a whole. I would like to see more projects funded by the British government so that the Somaliland armed forces can be at par with other African countries.”

Somaliland and. British Defence officials at the facility inauguration in Hargeisa

The minister of defense thanked the British government for supporting Somaliland in many spheres such the fight against terrorism and other vices. “On behalf the government of Somaliland I thank the UK government for initiating Projects that Matter most to the people as you can see these two building on the Background One Is A Hostel Of Offices And The Other Are Classes For Junior Military Officers.”

The Minister Of Defense Mr. Issa Ahmed And Colonel Mark Planted A Tree At The Officers’ Mess Location.

Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) Reported.

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