Flooded Somaliland Receives Help From Canada.
June 7, 2018 - Written by qoriadmin

Canada Provides Clean Water And Sanitation Homes To Somaliland Residents After A Full Year’s Rainfall Fell In Just One Day.

Tropical Storm Sagar Drenched The Land With 300 mm Rain Per Hour And Pounded The Coast With Winds Up To 120 Km / h. At Least 25 People Died And Nearly 700 000 People Need Humanitarian aid.

“The Storm Was Already Hit By Vulnerable Populations Deprived Of Drought And Insecurity,” Said Rachel Logel Carmichael Of Save The Children, Who, As A Member Of The Humanitarian Coalition, Responded With Funding From the Canadian Humanitarian Aid Fund. “With these means, we can respond quickly to the needs of people with Disabilities and make sure we can provide life-saving tools directly.”

The drought only Worsened the Situation, because the dry terrain could not absorb the large amounts of water. Instead, the ground worked as a concrete floor, which causes water to accumulate over the ground and causes floods throughout the Area.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed, while Health Care, schools, Water Sources and other Public Buildings Were Injured. In addition, estimates show that 80% of Livestock in the affected Areas were lost.

Save the Children Canada will help Survivors to recover and Prevent the Spread of Diseases. With $ 278,340, Save The Children will Rebuild and Rehabilitate Water And Sanitation Facilities And provide Clean Water to the most vulnerable people, especially women and children. The staff will also distribute household and personal hygiene items.

The current situation in the country often means that men move from rural to major Cities to seek employment. This results in a sharp increase in the number of female households. As a result, Save the Children makes a special effort To Target Female Households with their response.

The Canadian Humanitarian Aid Fund is a joint Mechanism funded by Global Affairs Canada, The Humanitarian Coalition And Its Member Organizations.

Source: reliefweb.int.

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