Puntland President Complains That Tribal Militia Is Out Of Control And Taking Order From Adversaries.
July 3, 2018 - Written by qoriadmin

Garowe-(QN24)-The president Of Somalia’s Province Of Puntland Mr. Abdiweli Mohammed Ali Gaas Has Lamented About The Existence Of A Tribal Militia That Has Refused To Take Orders From Him. The Militia The President Of Puntland Is Complaining About Recently Joined The Puntland Militia That Waged A War Against Somaliland Government Forces Based At Tukaraq.

According to reliable sources close to the realms of power, confirmed that a cabinet meeting was held on Thursday this week. In the meeting the president of Puntland addressed his Ministers confirming the presence of a tribal militia that had converged in Qardho, in Karkaar region of the country. The president said that the tribal militia do not take orders from his government and have been Mobilized by some people with political interest in mind, and opposed to his administration. He went further to reveal that the aforementioned militia have not communicated with Puntland Commanders on the Ground and have joined another Mercenary force en route to attack Somaliland Armed Forces Based In Tukaraq Hamlet.

Provincial Puntland leader said that the mentioned militia had a political agenda that he did reveal however he stated that they want to ruin the war he waged against the Republic of Somaliland.

Meanwhile the minister of livestock and animal husbandry Mr.Abdillahi Sheikh Ahmed addressing the Puntland Press stated that the militias were answering the call of help from the Puntland administration which was asking for Foot Soldiers.

President Gaas said that the tribal militia is a threat to Puntland internal security because they take orders from elsewhere. He asked the minister of livestock to make sure that the militia joins the government command, since they have formed their own command and bases parallel to the government of province of Puntland. Mr.Gaas added that the militia takes order from some politicians he did not name, but the media confirmed that they are the same people who will run for the Presidency come Electioneering time. He added that if the Current Militia is not disbanded other will Imitate and form more Tribal Militias In The Region Hence The Province Becoming A Militia’s Playground.

According to information circulating in the Puntland press confirm that Mr.Gaas is worried that the tribal outfit from Qardho may be used to fight a political war against his administration, since he wants cling to power by extending His Tenure which is opposed by Some Politicians From Garowe who have put their foot Soldiers At A place On A Hill Overlooking Garowe Town.

Puntland politicians accuse Mr.Abdiweli Gaas for lacking a political agenda for the nation concerning the Tukaraq war since he does not want the war to end a war that has cost many lives.

The Qardho militia whose is number estimated to be more than 200 have armored mounted vehicles and when they went to join the Puntland militia they did not mix but made their own barracks and Command Centre.

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