Kenya Announces Opening Consular Office In Hargeisa, The Capital City Of Somaliland.
July 8, 2018 - Written by qoriadmin

Nairobi-(QN24)-The Government Of Kenya Said That It Will Open 16 Diplomatic Offices To Certain African States. The Minister For Foreign Affairs Of Kenya, Ms. Monica Juma Has Officially Announced On Thursday That It Will Open Consular Office In Hargeisa, The Capital Of Somaliland.

The Foreign Secretary Said That Her Country Will Also Establish Diplomatic Ties With Djibouti. Kenya Is Also Keen To Open A Consular Office In The Port City Of Kismayo, Somalia.

Miraa Khat Traders In Kenya Have Urged Kenyan Government To Establish Diplomatic Ties To Somaliland So That Their Khat Should Be Exported To Markets In Somaliland Where Most Of Its Populace Are Addicted To The Consumption Of Khat.
Khat Consumed Domestically In Somaliland Is Imported From Ethiopia.

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