Somaliland Number Plates: Robbing Tax Payers In The Name Of ‘Change’.
September 16, 2018 - Written by qoriadmin

Members Of The Somaliland House Of Representatives Financial Audit And Economic Affairs Sub-Committee, Today, Rejected The Minister Of Financial Development’s Introduction Of New Tariffs, Vowing To Take The Matter Up With The Rest Of The Floor As Soon As Possible.

MP Ahmed Mohamed Derie ‘Nacnac’ and Saeed Mohamed Elmi, jointly talking to the Media, Sunday, stated that the Minister Was Not Constitutionally Mandated To Introduce New Taxes To The Public and that Neither was it his to Publicly Announce Them Without the Deliberation Or Approval of the Parliament.

The MPs Were Incensed by a series of Taxation Raises The Minister of Finance has Made to The Trading and Industrial Sectors Of The Country – A Country Already So Feebled by the Absence of Recognition which Unfavourably Affected Foreign Investment, Imports, Exports, Foreign Currency Earning and International Relations, Including Bilateral And Multilateral Investment Agreements.

Bringing Emotions To A Boiling point, The Ministries of Finance and Transportation, together, announced that new vehicle plate numbers were to be introduced revealing that for a Motorist to get one, he or she has to cough up nearly SlShs 1,500,000, Equivalent To US$150 To Purchase the Plate Number, Change the Vehicle log Book and Pay For Stamp Duties, what the Ministry Called ‘Overtime’ And The Like.

“The public was teetering under the burden of ever spiralling inflation which adversely affected living standards. It is spurious of the minister and his ministry to add injury to the insult,” MP Nacnac said.

He Said the Somaliland populace needed lowered tariffs to afford to go by in life.

“You raise a cent, a pound is added to every item of commodity. That is the way Traders Respond To Levied Taxes. They Do No Lose. The Household Loses. The child loses. the Public loses,” he said.

“Neither This Minister Nor Any Other Minister In Government Is Mandated To Introduce New Taxation Structures Nor Can Anyone Stack Up The Already Untenable Tax Stacks,” MP Saeed Mohamed Elmi pointed Out.

To Make Matters Worse, The Ministry, Only Recently, Annulled Tax Exemptions and free duty considerations given to the Few Manufacturing Plants in Somaliland to Shelter Them From Crippling, Productionally Debilitating Costs and Give Them A Little Edge in Local Markets.

Trying to explain away the increasing volume of criticisms, the Minister of Finance, Yussuf Mohamed Abdi, only attracted more public wrath.

Guleid Dafac, an upcoming human rights lawyer, was quick to point out that the Minister should not have invoked article 52 of the public finances law as if it gave him the right to introduce taxes at will.

“The very article the Minister based his new levies expressly asks him to go to the parliament for approval before publicly attempting to put new taxes in force,” he wrote on his Facebook account.

Only on full ratification of the parliament can new taxes be levied.

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