President Museveni Gravely Insults Somalia Again
March 12, 2019 - Written by qoriadmin

“If you are angry and you are aggressive, you ask for permission and we deploy you to Somalia”, President Yoweri K Museveni tells his troops.

The President narrates a story of a retired general slapping a policewoman in Uganda.

“Slapping a Ugandan is a big issue. ,” the President said. “(In Uganda) You are not allowed to slap. We do not slap women. You are not even allowed to bark at people. Whoofff!! Whoofff!” he stated.

Somalia, he continued to say was ‘where signs of aggressiveness were needed

But to President Museveni, it was alright to slap non-Ugandan women, bark at people, and be aggressive elsewhere.

To President Museveni, obviously, the nearest, ‘no place’ place an angry Ugandan soldier can vent his anger at his heart’s content was Somalia.

In saying so, President Museveni reveals how little he knows about Somalis and the infinite love and respect they have for their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. By making them appear as if they were there in their country as slapping boards for his soldiers, he, again, earned the wrath and the indignation of Somalis everywhere.

Earlier in the year, on 27 January to be exact, President Museveni called Somalia a country without s state or an organized authority that ran it.



There are many countries that have no State. They are there but they have no organised authority that runs them, Somalia is one of them. There are others but I will not mention them for diplomatic reasons – President @KagutaMuseveni http://www.ntv.co.ug/live 

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“There are many countries that have no state,” he said. “They are there but they have no organized authority that runs them, Somalia is one of them”.

The federal government of Somalia, as in before, is playing hard of hearing. Somalis – again – fill the gap with some calling him to take his troops out of Somalia, immediately, if he thought their stay gave him the permission to repeatedly insult it with intent to hurt.

Below is a small sample.


President Museveni: “There are many countries that have no State. is one example, there are other examples but for diplomatic reasons I dont want to mention them”. It is worthy of note that Museveni cared enough not to mention other countries but named .


Pres. @KagutaMuseveni humiliates again, talking about abusive police officers in : “If you are angry and aggressive, you ask for permission & we deploy you in “. Wonder why @M_Farmaajo is not responding to these successive humiliating remarks by Museveni.. pic.twitter.com/nkwQe5ufHw

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Those who don’t respect the bad behavior that don’t respect women and children I will deportation to Somalia”

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Maxamed Cabdi Xasan@MaxamedCabdiX18

Museveni is unethical lecture abuse somalia to times with two month
So I have advice him
I can say (talk about your country) that is better for you
Somalia and her norms is not about U


The dictator of Uganda @KagutaMuseveni is once again is disrespecting Somalia

The Somalia government should ask the Uganda troops to leave Somalia , we don’t want their rubbish in our country

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Yoweri Museveni: soldiers who tend to violence, rape and immorality will be sent to Somalia https://www.hornnews24.com/yoweri-museveni-soldiers-who-tend-to-violence-rape-and-immorality-will-be-sent-to-somalia/ 

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