Sudan’s New Ruling Military Council Chief Steps Down.
April 13, 2019 - Written by qoriadmin

Friday April 12, 2019

Sudan’s Defence Minister Awad Ibn Auf Aaid On Friday That He Is Stepping Down As Head Of The Country’s Transitional Military Council, A Day After Former President Omar Al-Bashir Was Overthrown In A Coup.

Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan will be the new head of the transitional Military council, Ibn Auf said in a speech Broadcast On State Television on Friday.

Ibn Ouf was sworn in as de facto ruler late Thursday after leading the ouster of veteran leader Omar al-Bashir following months of protests.

Ibn Auf had been defence minister since 2015, before Bashir promoted him to first vice president in February as protests against him intensified.

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