Somaliland Parliament Has Moral Obligation And Responsibility To Sanction The Government Proposal With Regard The Emergency Rule In Three Districts Of Eastern Regions Of Somaliland As This Security Serious Issue.
June 5, 2019 - Written by qoriadmin

There Is Moral Obligation To Somaliland Parliament And The Government To Take Care Their People As This The Most Expense Asset For Our Country And As A Result, Somaliland Parliament And The Government Has The Moral Responsibility To Cooperate With Regard The Interest Of Their People.

True Citizens Of Any Nation Has Moral Responsibility To Contribute The Peace And Security Of Their Homeland. Moral Responsibility The Most Effective Weapon. We Have Fundamental Obligation To Of Protect The Lives Our People Whether Government Staff Or Civilians As The Lives Of Our People Cannot Estimated In The Terms Of Value.

With Respect To My subject issue, killing people become common practice and nonstop repetition in Somaliland Eastern Regions as a result, there is no option left for Somaliland government other than declaring emergency rule to a number of districts in Somaliland eastern regions as proposed by Somaliland government. Somaliland parliament should consider the lives of our people above anything else. The savage killing we have experienced in eastern regions of Somaliland have spoiled the flourishing image of Somaliland. Taking innocent life is the greatest sin to all mankind religions in particular the people of the books religions. (Islam, Christianity and Jewish).

The Holy Quran grants privileges in some situations to the People of the Book compared to unbelievers. Islam a religion of peace. Taken into consideration, the Nonstop Killing and disobeying the rule of law by some elements in these regions, Somaliland government has the right declaring emergency rule in three eastern regions of Somaliland. Over long time, some culprits disregards the existence the rule of law in Somaliland. They disregard the existence of government rules and regulations and this is why they repeatedly kills innocent Somaliland citizens. In fact, the life of the people has no mean to these culprits. Human life has no value these culprits.

These guys thinks like savages and this why killing innocent became common rehearsal The recent killing for two Somaliland security officials have serious discontentment for all Somaliland people across the country. The culprits who committed these savage killing should be detained to appear the court of law to pay the cost of their horror killings. The media has described Somaliland as an oasis of peace and new style democracy in Africa. Despite this image good, the rule of law become none existed subject in a number of districts in eastern regions of Somaliland. Universally, the rule of law is the highest law of manhood. The rule of law safeguards people from any danger that impose threat the lives of the people and their properties. The rule of law is none existent with the thoughts of these culprits who are still on run.

Rule of law mean people must obey the rule, it means, people should respect the rule of law. In spite of this, it is unfortunate, some elements that lives in number of eastern regions of Somaliland behaves like rule of the jungle in which the strong eats the weak and the muscle determines the right. In of the law of the jungle, illogic used to speak louder than logic which mean everybody has the right to do everything he likes good or bad. Opposing the emergency rule means the lives of the people has no value. It means the horror killing should co continue. It means, we should be silent these horror killing, it means to dismantle the unity of the people.

It means making the country lawless. It means make weak the unity of the people. It means opposing anything from the government just for the sake of opposing. It means opposing anything from the government even if the government proposal serves the interest of the people like the current emergency rule declared by the government.

According to Greek philosopher, Aristotle, the rule of law is better than that of any individual. The rule of law supreme law which is subject to any human being on earth regardless the origin. Rule of law binds to all people no matter the status of the person as rule of law protect our general safety, ensure our rights against abuses by others which mean laws us to help provide our general safety.
Killing innocent people is worst criminal act. It is the most brutal act. It is the worst murdering act. Humanity has no value to these culprits. These criminal killers should appear court to pay of law to pay the cost of the horror killing. These culprits has the mentality to dismantle the unity of the people. Somaliland people should unite against these killers.

These killers have the intention to destabilize the flourishing image of Somaliland, but their bad intention has failed to harm the peace and stability of Somaliland. Taken into account, the security deterioration, the government has the right to enforce emergency rule in these areas. Zooming up, Somaliland parliament has the obligation to sanction Somaliland government proposal with regard the emergency rule declared to a number of districts in eastern regions in an effort to restore the rule of law in these districts. The life of our people should speak louder than any other interest.
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