Second Part Of My 5 Day Trip To Hargeisa.
November 2, 2019 - Written by qoriadmin

Second Part Of My 5 Day Trip To Hargeisa……..

It Is Unfortunate to see that certain elements in high positions in our government are there not for the interest of the Country and its peoples but for egocentric reasons. I have heard many stories which can be verified and what is very unfortunate they don’t reach the President’s ears.
My meeting with young Somaliland activists revealed impossibility of getting new ideas to implemented due to the rigidness of authorities responsible in giving the fiat. Its also due to the need for greasing fuel for the persons in- charge or mistrust of anything unknown to him or incompetence.

In other words, defending undefendable position. I shall not dwell into all the details but take one example of ONLY. GIZ is the Germany International Development Cooperation. It has many branches which are implementing several projects in Somaliland. Here too I will only deal with one branch known as GIZ/SLM which stands for Sustainable Land Management The 5 years project which is being commissioned by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in partnership with Somaliland Ministry of Agricultural development in the Biji water catchment area.
The head of the project is Guenther Wirth, a Somaliland veteran who has worked in SL for almost two decades. Not only is he a hard worker but is also known to be an honest development worker who loves Somaliland, a Muslim convert. Who until 2017 was voluntarily involved in the preservation of Somaliland’s wildlife paying from his own means and handling them in his house? After that the feeding, housing and salary of animal keeper was taken over by IFAW, ARA and CCF.
I have to add this comment that all wildlife and citizens of this republic are the responsibility of the President of Somaliland. In the beginning of the this SLM a project a shadowy figure who has worked in Ghana and Uganda known as Dr Ahmed Abdullahi (Gibircaad) was the senior advisor to this project. He used to boost of his relationship with the First Ladies of these Countries.
Unfortunately, Somaliland doesn’t facilitate that reer Hamar mentality. He was relieved from the project and was asked to finish the GIZ/MCH project when the German lady resigned due indifferences concerning security procedures. But the truth is: he could not produce the baseline study of the now ongoing Biji Project. The Biji project was salvaged by a consultancy group (Ambero) hired by Guenther at the 11th hour without which the project would have been doomed.
When I heard this story, I knew he was one of those involved in sabotaging the good relationship between The German International Cooperation and Somaliland gov’t.
The question is what has he been doing in the aftermath of SLM fiasco. The MCH project had a budget of almost four million to begin with. What has he done with the remaining budget? That is the question of the audit of the German government which is also the responsibility of the Somaliland Ministry of Health and Ministry of Planning and National Development to ask for transparency.
It’s for the accountability on how this money has been spent. Also, he has acquired a project for Baligubadle and Salahley area directly from the head office to be funded by SLM money of approximately 200,000 euros under the umbrella of Nutrition. He has constructed 38 greenhouses
and eight baleys. Let me begin with the greenhouses. Prevailing conditions such as plant stress, temperature, ventilation, aeration, humidity, diseases, irrigation and unexpected catastrophic situations such as storms and location are essential for a workable GreenHouse. Not to mention the training for the those who will be managing these structures. In the coming months we will
find out if these structures are still functionable.
In my opinion it is a quick job of giving lucrative contracts to buy influence in this holly land. Very soon all will be clear when the audit comes to check how the German tax payer’s has been spent. “Das Duits grundigheits” In my opinion you can’t send an Israeli to do development work in Gaza and in this case it’s not wise to have Somalis from Somalia to come and do development work in Somaliland whatever passport they hold. It’s of utmost importance for the government to have a say in these matters concerning foreign experts coming to the country.
Ali Bahar
Bristol UK

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