Seeing Is Believing And What You See Is What You Get.
August 8, 2019 - Written by qoriadmin


London-(QN24)-Seeing Is Mental Acceptance, Approval Or The Sensation Of Obtaining Information Through Sight. This Is What Happened Precisely When Somaliland Port Authority Management Has Presented The Latest Development Of The Port. Many Have Doubts About Constructing Containerized Terminal In Berbera.

Seeing Is Mental Acceptance, Approval Or The Sensation of Obtaining Information through sight. This is what happened precisely when Somaliland Port Authority Management has presented the latest development of the Port. Many have Doubts about constructing containerized terminal in Berbera, but when You Argue with reality, You Lose 100% of the Time.
as we are the designers of Our Future, the Physically Development we have seen with regard the port Construction Promising pleasing news for Somaliland people as the Terminal under Construction Will Facilitate Economic Growth for Somaliland, increase Competitiveness in trade, increase Container handling capacity, lower transport cost and faster delivering times. Shipping being an Integral part of Supply Chain Execution, the Equipment and the machinery by Somaliland Port authority manager Saed Hassan Abdillahi Signals Undisputed Evidence for the progress Undergoing the Port.
The days whereby Somaliland port of Berbera becoming sea freight center, major logistic and shipping hub in the region looks in close horizon Owing to large business volume which the new terminal will attract and as a result, we can say Business and diplomacy found fertile ground in Somaliland in view of Somaliland peace, Security, Stability, Democracy and strategic location which the gateway of Red Sea. The terminal under construction will Convert Somaliland port of Berbera as freight center in Horn of Africa. The terminal under Construction will Convert Somaliland port of Berbera from Livestock Port to world class standards which has the Capacity to handle the largest Containerized Ships.
At present, about 90% of none bulk cargo worldwide is transported by container ships. Containerization has revolutionized world trade being the largest commercial seaborne vessels in the world. It also lowered shipping expense and decreased shipping time and as a result helped the growth of international trade. Somaliland port of Port of Berbera opens a new point of access to the Red Sea and will complement DP World’s existing port in Africa. As Rome was not built in a day and the daily progress lead to magnificent results, the execution of port project running as per schedule completion time.
As a routine practice and culture, the port management monitor the construction progress of the port in an effort the completion schedule tally the expected finishing time. Monitoring project progress involves keeping track daily, weekly and monthly progress. Work monitoring leads meeting deadlines, solve pro problems if any to ensure project success. Somaliland port authority management has complied the above procedural practice in an effort to meet the schedule deadline with the port completion. The port management is exercising every effort not to miss the expected deadlines as success connected with action and comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.
By: Ismail Lugweyne

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