Kulmiye’s Top Seats Reserved For Certain Individuals Only (Abdi-Shotaly).
September 11, 2020 - Written by qoriadmin

Everyday in “Qudmiye’s administration” You would heard a new unforgivable Crimes and Unacceptably Stories that comes out from this party of Soldiers at “Xaafad-Tooyo” in Hargeisa. All what they told to us before is completely untrue propaganda, false and baseless allegations which gone to end on Saturday 5th/sep/2020, At the time that Ex-Planning Minister of President Siilaanyo ” Mr Qabyo-Tire” clearly explained undoubtedly to Somaliland public, show the Mess deeds, of what the bad culture of Qudhmiye is really based without any hesitation and bring on the table what he was hiding since became a member of that rubbish party. What is going on at inside of Morgan’s House, is all what I was telling you all along from A-Z, It obviously become Amouthfull of no-sensed useless words, the soldier’s party is not a national party even1%, its undemocratic and waste of time to be its supporters. As Mr “qabyo tire” described, Top kulmiye so called party seats are reserved for certain individuals only because it’s owned by a limited number of people who work for the man in the chair.

Can I say Thanks Mr ” Qabyo-tire” Although you been part of this corrupted system and lived in a land of dust and fogged environment, made up of tricks, theft which no body can put it behind the curtain, now everything is under the bright sun, you melted the Ice of all liar’s lies, It’s time to fix your past mistakes as you realised the proof of Qudhmiye’s faith, in which you been living with it. The empty quarter of unwatered land is green at the moment, after you explode it and put the inside facts out or lighted up with a powerful flashing light, that circled around the dark corners of those who robbed our people’s opinions. Again for God’s sake, thanks to our great Almighty Allah, we know everything now. A corpse never comes back to live, gone is gone and that is where we are now whether you believe it or not.

As everyone knows, kulmiye did not exist after President Siilaanyo, it went with him. A dead body can not survive. Mr Qabyo-Tire” What you make clear now is, there is no democratic, fair and free election that would takes places at the general meeting of above soldier’s party, but it is already selected by the men appointed the mad soldier ” The man who remained alive after real SNM hero fighters gone” Who is called in Somali language ” Raggii ma adigaa ka hadhay” furthermore, the process of special selections without justice is what made our country worst than ever, Our nation’s hopes of democratic procedures is absolutely lost, while we are watching in a sunny bright day helplessly. I want to advise my people of Somaliland, there is nothing to wait or give a chance, it comes worse after worst, We are in a situation between death and life, the whole country is paralysed in every side you look, it just needs to be buried in no man’s land, You don’t understand it now till you suffer and put yourself inside the coffin beside the grave with funeral’s covering white sheet of death.

*N.B A corpse Never Comes Back To live!

by Abdi-Shotaly.


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