Is Somalia On Track?
February 2, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Small- and large-scale agriculture: Tanzanian experiences. DIIS Seminar, 14 September 2015 - YouTube

Danish Institute for International Studies.

Since 2005, the international community has consistently seen Somalia as being in transition from state collapse to recovery. Yet, the question remains: is Somalia on track towards stability, elections and long-term peace? Where is Somalia heading?

At this DIIS Seminar, Joakim Gundel who has been researching on and working in Somalia since 1999, will critically assess what progress means in the Somali context. He will discuss the latest and most important challenges that Somalia face today.

Among those are the current crisis between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States that remains politically tense, and legally unclear, the related process towards finalizing a constitution, and the prospects of general elections in 2020. In public, the international community is not questioning the plan or the progress towards elections, but what is the reality on the ground?

In addition, the World Bank and EU recently granted the Federal Government USD180 million in fiscal budget support. Does this imply that the government has grown into a functioning and accountable set of institutions, and that corruption is limited? Equally, there appears to be a considerable discrepancy between the public reporting on progress in security vis-à-vis Al-Shabaab, and realities on the ground. Finally, there is an increasing and destabilizing spill-over of tension between Qatar and UAE/Saudi Arabia, which complicates the situation in Somalia further.

Based on these considerations, Gundel will lay out what Somalia’s future may look like and ask the question if a broad-based reconciliation process would have a more stabilizing effect than continuing in the current political track.
Joakim Gundel, Executive Director, Katuni Consult Ltd.

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