“Serious Warning, Mental Attack.”
February 22, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QorilugudNews24) – History Is Like A Target For The Nomads and astronauts On The Roads, Airplanes And Cars, And Every Nation Has A History Map To Look At Its Past And Find Its Destination And Lost Their Guides.

At The Same Time, the Somaliland Government, in addition to the Will of the People, the rule of law and other realities, is rooted in its History like any other State in the World.

Meaningless Principles For Somaliland.

Therefore, if you have seen people deliberately Criticizing the History of Somaliland in the Past, especially the Struggle for Independence, The Birth of Somaliland On 26th June 1960, The Struggle for the restoration of Somaliland and the reconstruction of Somaliland, know that it is not a Crime or a pretense but it is a Strategic Invasion of the History Of Somaliland.

Every Nation is moving forward and secure as long as its History is stable. The people of Somaliland need to Stick To their History of The Great war.

By: Ahmed Nour Guruje

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