One Day, A Group Of Beasts, Led By A Lion, came together and hunted and killed A Camel. The Lion Ordered The Hyena to distribute the meat.
March 15, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

One day, a Group of Beasts, led by a Lion, came together and hunted and killed a Camel. The Lion Ordered the Hyena to distribute the Meat. The hyena said the army was large, let them take half of the Animal, and as a lion, take the other half.
The Lion, on the other hand, wanted to take the whole animal, and when he was satisfied with the rest of the bones and bones, he shared them with all the Beasts. The lion was so enraged by the hyena’s thought that he slapped the hyena and threw his eyes at it. Then he ordered the fox to divide the meat.
The fox, who learned a great deal from what happened to the hyenas, said (give it to the king – take the Animal Together).
The Lion was satisfied with the fox’s distribution and said to the fox (who taught you how to do good distribution?), And then she said (the Hyena’s Eye hanging from me Taught me).

The next day, while the Lion was away and the hyena was at the top, a fox was with us and they killed a camel. The hyena did not remember the fox’s response to the lion and the division of the previous animal.
The Hyena, angered by the fox’s response to the Lion’s denial and the dispute over the distribution, was sentenced by a court of law to the fox, who ruled that the fox’s eating should be taken away from the fox, starving to death. forcing her to watch, forbidding her to speak or express her needs. Also the fox, it was added, [a piece of fat rubbed in his mouth with fat].

The pen of Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Farah Mataan [jaafaa]
Ankara, Turkey

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