Somaliland: General Jama Mohamoud Aden (General Dolal) Arrested In Hargeisa!!.
March 16, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa- (QorilugudNews24) – Reports Reaching Us From Hargeisa Says That General Jama Mohamoud Aden (General Dolal), One Of The Senior Officers Of The Somaliland National Army Has Arrested Today At The Officers’ Desk In Hargeisa, According To Ms Ubah Jama Aden Dolal, The Daughter Of The General.
The Exact Reason For The General’s Arrest Is Not Yet Known, But If That Is The Case, There Will Be A Political Earthquake In Somaliland And Widespread Destruction Of The Somaliland National Army, Which Will Be The Responsibility Of The Old Man, General Nuh Ismail Taani And His Young Children From The Same Community Who Were Brought To The Fake Ranks And Stood At Every Door, Which Greatly Undermined The Prestige And Structure Of The Long-Established Somaliland National Army.

N.B. General Dolal Was One Of The Key Figures In The Struggle And Movement Of The SNM.

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