Training Of Somaliland Scholars (National Employment), Achievements Of The National Service Program.
May 2, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

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Since Its Inception, the National Service Program has Undergone Significant Changes in the aspirations and lives of Ambitious Youth. The Personal Confidence of the Scholars was revived, when they realized that they could use their talents and knowledge, and serve their country and lead the way in exploring the Soil in which they live and the prosperity of the lives of their people, using their knowledge and Opportunity given the process Government.

The Scholars’ Training Program (National Service), was first created and launched by the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi. The National Employment Program pays special attention to Academic Girls and Boys under the age of 30. The quota for Girls is set at 30%. The Boys were given a Share of 70%.

In the short time that this program has been created, with the support of God and the efforts of the Government, there have been significant successes.

1. The First Batch of National Service Benefited 1349 Young Men and Women, 1203 of Whom are full-Time Employees of Government Ministries and agencies. While 146 of them joined the National Armed Forces. They have the rank of two stars on their Shoulders, when they have Completed their Training in the Armed Forces, all of them have been made Commanders in charge of the various branches of the Army, their knowledge and talents for the benefit of their Nation and the People they serve.

2. The 2nd Batch of 732 also includes Six Months of National Service Exercise. They all work in the Ministry of Education and Science. Upon completion of this exercise, they will join the government.

3. Similarly, the 3rd Batch of 330 young boys is in the National Service College in Dararweyne. They will all take three months of internship. About 200 Girls are enrolled in the Six Regional Universities.

Finally, the National Service Program has achieved significant success in its three Years of Existence. The National Service has its Own Training Center. It has Accommodation for more than 500 People. It has a large hall that can Accommodate more than 1,500 People. The National Service has a health center, a car service and a complete water transport system. All the basics of life are high during the National Service.

Sadam Osman Kaabash

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