Who Elects The Mayor?.
June 7, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – Power Belongs To The People And God Has Given It. They Delegate To The Government. There Are Two Types Of Executive Elections In Somaliland:-

Direct Presidential Election. Candidates Are Divided By A Simple Majority Of Voters (A Direct Presidential Election).

Local Elections Are Similar To The Parliamentary System, Similar To The Way The British Prime Minister Is Elected.

If You represent the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), the position is held by the Leader of the Party with the Majority in parliament, otherwise You can form an Alliance. When you vote for the Conservatives, You know, and you intend, that Johnson will be the Prime Minister, if the Party’s Vote Reaches A Majority.

In the same way, The Mayor is Elected From Among The People of Somaliland by the Local Council, which must Vote in A Party system Because of its Party Affiliation. Therefore, Abdikarin Ahmed Moghe has the Right to be the Mayor of Hargeisa for three reasons:

Opposition parties have the most votes in the City Council. As a result, the people of Hargeisa have chosen the opposition to lead. If the Opposition votes for the Opposition, there will be No Coup.

Abdikarin ran for mayor. People Voted for Mayor. He received 1/3 of the vote from his Party. Therefore, the people who voted for him and the People who Voted for his party elected Abdikarin as mayor. See, it is the will of the people.

The May 31 election was an indirect referendum for the current mayor of Hargeisa and his party. Defeat means that the people of the capital have openly rejected a candidate from Kulmiye to be the mayor of Hargeisa. So, what do you do with the voice of the people? The light of democracy is that the majority must be respected, even if you do not Agree.

If the other 16 Members of the Hargeisa City Council Vote for someone other than Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge, it is legal, but it has no legitimacy. Fairness is the voice of the people. You can come up with a tactic and strategy to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by side with the MP Who Voted for You (if you can Get A Majority In A Weak Coalition), but that will not give You Legitimacy.

So, We know that Someone Else Can Legally (Legally) Be A Mayor. But We Oppose The Use Of Tactics To Manipulate The Honorable Public.

We are then Committed To Legitimately Defending the Voice of the People (Protests are One of the Legal Attributes of the Constitution, Local Campaigns and Awareness Campaigns Are Another Part). Is Asked by Tens of Thousands in Other Cities and Abroad Who Want To Stand In The Face For?

W / Q Guuleed Dafac

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