View Photos Of The 27th Anniversary Of The Somaliland Police Force.
June 17, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – The President Of The Republic Of Somaliland, H.E Muse Bihi Abdi, Attended The 27th Anniversary Of The Establishment Of The Somaliland Police Force Today.

The ceremony was attended by the President of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General, the Commanders of the Armed Forces, and members of the House of Representatives. ministers, members of the KULMIYE party leadership, some of the heads of the police allies, pilot Ahmed Mohamed Hassan (Ahmed Dheere) and many other dignitaries. -the burial of the police force and their important role in maintaining security in the country and protecting the lives and property of the people.

Colonel Abdiaziz Sheikh Ismail Sheikh Hassan, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Police Force, first shared with the public the various crimes that have taken place in the country in the last year and how the police have dealt with them, underlining that the force Police have arrested the most suspects in connection with crimes in the country, including murder and rape.




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