The Ethiopian War And The New Face Of Somali (Region, Djibouti And Somaliland).
July 22, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

The Tigrean-Afar Alliance Poses A Threat To Somalis In General And The Issa Tribe In Particular And To Djibouti.

During The Tigrean Rule, He Handed Over Parts Of Afar Territory To The Afar Autonomous Region To Enable Afar To Take Control Of The Djibouti Railway From Issa And Displace Them. The Tigrean Plan Is Far From That.

The Territorial Dispute Between Issa And Afar In Ethiopia Is Beginning To Weaken The Djiboutian Government Politically, Security-Wise And Economically.

At This Juncture, Blocking The Tigrean Rebels Or Disrupting The Djibouti Route Is A Major Victory For Abby Ahmed And The Amhara, Crippling The Ethiopian Economy.

Afar Also Sees It As A Victory For Issa In Ethiopia And Djibouti.

The Tigrean War That Started In The Afar Autonomous Region And The Reception Of The Afar Is A Prelude To The Conquest Of Issa And Djibouti.

If That Happens, Somalis Will Have To Work Together To Re-Map The Pre-Colonial Somali Territories, Because The Time Has Come For The Collapse Of The Ethiopian Federation And The Break-Up Of Ethnic Groups.

Ethnic Divisions Will Have An Impact On Ethiopia’s Somali Autonomy And Its Future As An Administration. Djibouti Will Not Be Able To Stand On Its OwnTtwo Feet And Somaliland May Be Able To Help.
Other Somali Administrations Will Be Affected By The Kilil Issue.

Somaliland Will Have A Positive Impact On Security, Expanding Services, And Strategically Contributing To The Defense Of The Somali People In Ethiopia And Djibouti.

It Is Therefore Imperative That We Continue To Have A Low Level Of Consultation, Especially With These Administrations In Terms Of Security At This Time Of Conflict, And To Find Out More.

Government Of Djibouti
Somaliland Government
Somali Regional State Of Ethiopia.

Puntland State Of Somalia And Other Border Regions. The Most Important Of The First Three Are The Current Face.
Somalis In General, Positive Change Is Coming.

Mohamoud Aw Hassan Arale.

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