Stolen Somaliland Machine Sold In Puntland!!.
July 27, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (Q24) – Secretary Of Social Affairs Of The National Opposition Party Mr. Mohamed Sadiq Dhamme Who Spoke To Some Media Today Said That The Blood Test Machine That Belonged To Erigavo General Hospital Was Sold Was Stolen And Sold To Garowe, The Capital Of Puntland State Of Somalia.

The Secretary Claimed that the Machine had been Stolen, and that the Ministry of Health Was Hiding The Identity Of The Person Who Had Stolen The Machine And Sold It To Garowe, The Capital Of Puntland State.

“The $20,000 USD, CBC Complete Blood Count, The Only Laboratory Owned By Erigavo Hospital, Was Stolen From Erigavo General Hospital In The Sanaag Region Capital,” He Said.

“According to Our Information, it Was Sold in Garowe, and the people who took it were sold to it. People are accused and suspected, although so far the Ministry has not made it clear and is hiding it, which cannot be said,” he said. added.

Dhame accused the Health Ministry of Turning A Blind Eye To Those Accused of stealing the Machine.

“It Is Very Unfortunate That Neither this Nation Nor This Nation Has Been Caught, That The Laboratory Machine, Which Was Owned by the Public At The Hospital, Was Stolen and Sold, and the Ministry of Health Is Turning A Blind Eye,” he said.

The Somaliland Government Has Not Yet Commented On The Machine That The Waddani Party Said Was Stolen From Erigavo Hospital And Sold To Garowe, The Capital Of Puntland State Of Somaia.

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