Israel Pulls Out Of UAE Deal, Jeopardizes Ties.
July 28, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Tel Aviva – (QN24) – Israel’s Environment Minister Tamar Zandberg Has Suspended The Implementation Of A Major Oil Export Agreement Between Israel And The United Arab Emirates, Which Could Jeopardize The Fledgling Agreement Between The Two Countries.

The Agreement, which came after the Two Countries established Formal diplomatic relations last year, Stipulates that UAE oil will be Shipped to the port of Eilat in Israel, then an oil pipeline from there To Europe, via the Port of Ashkelon.

The Deal, However, Has Been Strongly Opposed by Israeli Environmental Groups, Who Have Argued That The Pipeline Could Cause Serious Damage To The Eilat Coast.

UAE Officials have Warned that Pulling Out of the deal could lead to the severance of ties between the two countries.

UAE Officials told the Israeli Newspaper Hayom that when the Agreement was Signed Last Year all the Necessary Environmental Tests Were Carried Out.

“Withdrawal from the agreement could lead to the severance of diplomatic and trade relations between the UAE and Israel,” UAE Officials Warned.

Israeli Officials are now trying to Explain to the UAE that the new Israeli-led Government that replaced Netanyahu’s Government is likely to take more time, Aggravating the Situation.

“It is a serious Matter because the agreement has been abandoned by One Party, Israel. I think the UAE Understands that this is a new Government with its Own Politics, ”said Yoram Meital, an Israeli Historian.

The Agreement, If Implemented, Would Bring In Billions Of Dollars In Annual Revenue From Both Countries.

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