Burial Ceremony For Hassan Saleban Weyne, One Of the SNM Officials In Balli-Cabbane District.
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Apr. 20, 2010 Hargeisa- (QN24) – A large number of government officials, members of the Somaliland Parliament, Political Party Officials, Members of the SNM and other Members of the public attended A National Funeral In Balli-Cabane today, Made by the late Hassan Saleban-Weyne.

Hassan Saleban-Weyne, The First Officer To Die In The 1983 SNM Liberation Operation, Was Killed In A Clash between SNM Forces And The Somali Government Led by the late Mohamed Siad Barre in Balli-Cabane, Where Hassan’s Body Was Found, Buried in a large Saloon. However, recent rains in the Area, produced by his Own Bones, Were Buried There Today.

Officials who attended today’s national funeral of Mujahid Hassan Saleban-weyne, led by Somaliland’s Minister of Resettlement Mohamed Yusuf Osman, spoke at the cemetery about the history of the deceased, his role in the liberation struggle and the activities of the SNM. -ba had, and they said he played an important role in both.

The Officials and the general public who attended the funeral, prayed to God to shower mercy on the deceased, and to give patience and faith to all of Somaliland, the SNM, and especially his family and relatives. Also, there is generally blessed looga SNM Veterans who lost their lives and those disabled in the wars of the SNM took to allow free Siyad. The victim was a few years ago the city killing Statue looga cabbane he died in 1983.

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