The Biggest Celebration Of The 18th Of May, The National Day Of Somaliland In Burao And The Ministers Gave Emotional Speeches To The People Of Burao.
September 12, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Burao – (QN24) -National Day of Remembrance 18may today to Celebrate Burao,
In the early Hours of the Morning, People Gathered in Groups on the main streets of Burao, Wearing the Flag and the National Emblem of the Republic of Somaliland.

The public was all in a state of excitement and emotion different from other Ordinary days, with each competing with the other for more feelings and emotions, as well as other symptoms and emotions that some people did not express in their Emotions. .

A large courtyard inside Burao Airport was prepared by the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Somaliland and last year the venue for the celebration of this national day was gathering people from all over the city.

Students, schools, organizations, the community, universities, businesses, government ministries, the Armed Forces and all kinds of young people wearing the flag of the Republic of Somaliland entered the square.

The Mayor of Burao, the Mayor of Togdheer, and Ministers including the Minister of Minerals and Energy, and the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications addressed the public at the event.

Masuliyiintani All they explain, this nation has been through, the times and stages of Somaliland has experienced also said that the international community meets the requirements for a country looga needed, their fellow conference calls that lead to Appreciation, encouragement and working as Somaliland recognition available They said that the situation in that country should be addressed in Somaliland.

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications said that this is the first time that he has participated in such a commemoration with the people of Burao and that it is a special joy and history for him personally. Many ministers have been sent by the president to other regions as Burao is particularly marked on this day, May 18th.

Preparations for the May 18th commemoration, which has been taking place in Burao for the past few days, ended peacefully this morning with the national army and high school students who have also been training in public squares in Burao for the past few days marching through the town led by groups. Banboys.

Togdheer region is often different from other regions in the country and there are always commemorations and other events before and after the commemoration of this day by the government.
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