MP Fiqi Presents 9 ‘Proofs’ Of Who Is Missing Ikraan.
September 14, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

FIQI presents 9 'proofs' of who is missing IKRAAN

Mogadishu – (QN24) – The security minister of Galmudug state, Ahmed Moalim Fiqi who is also a member of the parliament has Presented Nine Indications That Ikraan Tahliil Farah, Who is said by the Intelligence Service to be dead, is in the Hands of NISA.

Fiqi said the Outgoing President was trying to establish the Truth about the Ikraan Case Against NISA Officials, and wanted To Cover Up The Killing Of Ikraam.

Read Fiqi’s Article Below And The Full Points He Presented.

There is no evidence that Ikraam is absent from the leadership of NISA & Villa Somalia who have been siding with justice and burying the Ikraan case.

1. A statement posted by NISA on its SNTV Facebook page acknowledging Ikram’s death and offering condolences to Ikram’s family.

2. The 48 hours that the Prime Minister gave to the Director of NISA that Ikram’s information was provided by Fahad Yassin.

3. Elder Farmajo, who has made a fuss and tried to turn a blind eye to the Ikram case by opening up a political uproar.

4. NISA Director Ikram case because the office looga

5. Farmajo who tried to blackmail the killing of Ikram without ever meeting Ikram’s mother.

6. The deadly Al-Shabaab group surprisingly distanced itself from Ikram’s assassination.

7. Oppression and Torture of young people Protesting For Ikram’s Justice.

8. Vehicles Kidnapped The Girl Reportedly Shipped To Another State Test Cover.

9. Farmajo Negotiates to have the case referred to a panel and Dismissed In Court.

The right of the pursuit will not be lost. Ikram’s case tests the court to see if the law is Supreme or whether the Person is supreme.


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