Somalia: NISA Officials Banned From Leaving Mogadishu Airport
September 14, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Mogadishu – (QN24) – According To Security Officials At Mogadishu Airport, Two Somali National Security Agency Officials Were Stopped From Traveling Inside And Outside The Country This Week.

According To Sources, The Officers Who Were Denied To Leave Mogadishu Airport Were Abdullahi Kulane Alias Kulane Jiis Who Was On His Way To Gedo Region, And An Officer Named Wadna Qabad Who Was Also Traveling Abroad.

He Was Reportedly Traveling On A Foreign Passport Of His Second Birth And Both Officers Were Part Of The Individuals Who Filed The Case Against Ikraan Tahliil Farah’s Relatives.

The Motive For Their Trip Is Not Known, But There Are Reports That They Are On The Run As They Face Charges Related To The Abduction And Killing Of Ikraan Tahliil Farah, A Member of NISA.

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble Has Ordered An Investigation Into The Officers Suspected Of Killing Ikraan Tahliil, And Will Not Leave Mogadishu Until Further Notice.

Prime Minister Roble Has Previously Promised Justice For The Ikraan Tahliil Case, And Rejected A Plan By President Farmajo To Compensate The Ikraan Family And Close The Case, Which Has Not Been Investigated.

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