US Spy Says Somalia Is More Dangerous Than Afghanistan.
September 14, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Washington – (QN24) – Conference USA Security Talks Monday In Washington, Said In A Speech At Lifting The Country’s Top Spy Says That Afghanistan Is Not The Only Threat To A Lot Of International Terrorism Against The Country’s Thoughts, According To CNN Media.

At A Time When Some Critics Are Arguing That Afghanistan Could Be A Haven For Terrorist Organizations Such As ISIS And Al-Qaeda To Regroup After The US Withdrawal.

“Terrorist Threats From Somalia, Yemen , Syria And Iraq – Especially ISIS – Are More Dangerous than Those That May Come From Afghanistan,” Said US Director Of Intelligence Avril Haines At The Annual Intelligence And Security Summit.

“In The United States, Given The Current Threat Posed By Terrorist Groups, We Do Not Prioritize Afghanistan’s Top List,” She Added.

“Where Do I Need To Look At Is Yemen , Somalia, Syria And Iraq Are At ISIS, Where He’d Come From The Greatest Threat.

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