The Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble Responds Strongly To Farmajo’s Decree.
September 16, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Mogadishu -(QN24) –The Prime Minister of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble has strongly condemned the decree issued by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, calling it a violation of the Country’s Constitution.

Read Below The Statement Issued By Prime Minister Roble In Response To Farmajo’s Decree

After seeing the FGS Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble see in the media a letter of intent from the Office of the President, he issued;

A- Violation Of The Law

2- The President deliberately trampled on Article 99 of the Constitution, {A} {B} {C} {D} {E} {F} {G} {H} which all states that the Government has full power. The President also violates Article 100- empowers the Prime Minister to appoint and dismiss cabinet Ministers.

4. The President is ignoring Article 91 of the Constitution which stipulates that the term of office of the President shall be four years from the date of his swearing in and ending on February 8 this year in an attempt to interfere with the constitutional powers of the Government. create chaos and instability.

5. Based on the rule of law, the Prime Minister, quoting Article 4, Clause 1 of the Provisional Constitution, which states that the Government shall only abide by decisions in accordance with the Constitution, declares that there is nothing in the Illegal Letter. issued by the President and not complied with.

B-Disrupting the elections and politicizing the security and economy of the government.

1. The President, who was tasked with guiding the country through transparent and democratic elections, failed to fulfill his constitutional mandate, which led to the agreement reached on 17 September 2020 that the Prime Minister was mandated to implement the agreement so that the country can have an agreed election.

2. Unfortunately, the President, using some of the security agencies and his office, within days began to act to thwart the election, violate the agreement reached, undermine the power of the Prime Minister and create widespread conflict which Finally, the President made a bloody attempt to extend his term, which he has yet to relinquish.

3. In recent months, the President has taken steps to undermine the constitutional powers he has returned to Parliament with the Prime Minister, who is in charge of security and elections, and has also sought to nullify the May 27, 2021 agreement. put an end to the crisis caused by the President’s decision to extend the term of 12-April 2021.

4. Similar to the crisis created by the President on April 25 that led to the disbandment of the National Army and the displacement of the people of Mogadishu, the illegal letter issued by the President is proof that he has not given up his ambition to stay in the country. return to civil war or illegally occupy the highest office in the country.

C- Accelerating the activities of government institutions and elections.

1. Pursuant to Articles 99, 100 and 103 of the Constitution, the Prime Minister shall instruct all public institutions to discharge their duties normally in the service of the Somali people and the protection of the national interest.

2- In accordance with the agreements of 17 September 2020, 27 May 2021, and 22 August 2021 reached by the National Consultative Assembly, the Prime Minister directs all Electoral Commissions at the Federal and State levels to expedite the completion. Elections to both Houses of Parliament in accordance with the general election schedule of the Country.

3. The Prime Minister urges the Presidents of the Federal Member States to facilitate the Electoral Commissions in the discharge of their duties in order to complete the elections in the Country.

4. In accordance with Article 127, Paragraph {B} {C} {E} of the National Constitution, the Prime Minister instructs the Commanders of the Armed Forces not to meddle in politics, to uphold the rule of Law in democratic institutions and to protect them. The Constitution, and the continuation of its duty to protect the security of Somali citizens and the overall stability of the nation.

5. The Prime Minister commends the various branches of the Armed Forces for their bravery and dedication in serving their country, and reaffirms the Government’s commitment to upholding the rights of the Armed Forces and taking all necessary steps to support them. for the Heroes of Defending the People and the Country of Somalia.

6. The Prime Minister underlines that it is unacceptable that the budgets of some government agencies are being used outside the country’s financial transparency system and that the financial institutions must adhere to the Prime Minister’s Decree. Minister issued on the 9th of this month based on accountability and transparency.


1. According to Article 3 of the Provisional Constitution, the Prime Minister reminds the President to uphold the fundamental principles of separation of powers and to stop interfering in the affairs of the government and the judiciary. is how he is trying to obstruct justice for Ikraan Tahliil Farah.

2. The Prime Minister, while safeguarding the national interest and the system of government, urges the President to stop violating the National Constitution, violating electoral agreements, disrupting the work of the Government, creating instability and attempting to sabotage the elections. to be equal to all candidates running for the presidency.

3. The Prime Minister calls on the Somali people to remain calm, maintain security, and support the Government in completing the country’s elections, which is the only way to avoid a run-off.

4. The Prime Minister, thanking them for their role, calls on the international community to assist the Government in completing the elections and preventing any attempt to disrupt the elections, and in particular to keep a close eye on those involved. failure of elections and the creation of political and security instability.


The Federal Government of Somalia promises the Somali people and the international community to focus on completing the elections, maintaining security, and maintaining Order in a peaceful Transfer of Power.

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