Somaliland Government Appoints Committee To Investigate Killings In Sool Region.
September 16, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – The 79th Session Of The Sonmaliland Council Of Ministers Chaired By The President Of The Republic Of Somaliland, HE Muse Bihi Abdi, Heard Briefings From The Ministers Of Interior, Health Development And Information, Culture and Awareness Of Somaliland.

First And Foremost, The Council of Ministers Reports On The Security Situation In The Country. The Minister Of Interior Spoke Specifically About The Security Situation In The Sool Region, Shared With The Council The Recurring Killings In The Sool Region, And Appointed A Committee Of Ministers To Address The Issue.

The Minister of Health also briefed the Council on the situation in Somaliland with the Covid-19 Infection, and Extended the risk of a resurgence of Covid-19 Disease in the third wave which has reached various sections of the community, with only the last week. Twenty-four (24) Enrollees have arrived at health facilities, indicating a Widespread Spread Of The Disease. Therefore, the council recommended Measures and Recommendations for the Covid-19 Prevention and Control Committee to expedite its mandate.

Finally, The Council of Ministers, bearing in mind the importance of the media to the Country and that it is a pillar of state-building and Democracy, but Without Compromising The Religion, culture and Security of the Country. or through Freedom of the Press, the Council Noted that the law of the Republic of Somaliland shall be Complied with by those Who Are Deemed To Be A Threat To The Nation.


Office Of The President Of The Republic Of Somaliland.

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