Former NISA Commander Fahad Yassin Arrested At Djibouti Airport
September 17, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Mogadishu -(QN24) – Fahad Yasin, The Former Director Of Somalia’s National Intelligence Service (NISA), Has Been Arrested In Djibouti, Abdikarim Mohamed Hashi Has Confirmed To The Media.

Fahad Yasin, who was recently removed from the post of Director of NISA and Transferred to the President’s Security Adviser, was Arrested at Djibouti Airport on his Way From Turkey.

Somali Presidential spokesman Abdikarim Mohamed Hashi said Fahad Yasin was on his way to Mogadishu for A National Security conference Scheduled for Tomorrow.

Hashi said they had discussed with the Djibouti government the arrest and detention of Fahad Yassin, and hoped he would be released to continue his journey, but did not confirm why he had been detained.

The spokesman ruled out that InterPol could be linked to the recent arrest of Fahad Yasin, a former Somali intelligence officer who went missing, leading to the loss of his job at NISA. The crisis has led to a rift between President Farmajo and Prime Minister Roble.

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“Fahad Yasin Was Attending Tomorrow’s National Security Conference and he would have Made a very Interesting statement. It is not a case of the girl case but it is Wrong because there is an International Law on travel and diplomacy, the government of Djibouti We are brothers and I think we are done. ” said the spokesman of the President of the Federal Government of Somalia.

The Djibouti government, meanwhile, has not released a statement on the arrest of Fahad Yasin, with the Somali Federal Government Condemning the Arrest and Blaming the Djibouti Government.
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