Faisal Ali Warabe “Only A Person Who Lived In Somaliland In The 1960s Is A Citizen”.
October 9, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – The Chairman Of The UCID Party In Somaliland, Faisal Ali Hussein (Faisal Ali Warabe), Has Accused Mogadishu Politicians Of Using The Arabsiyo School Tech And Las Anod Evictions As A Platform To Get Seats.

Faisal Said That According To The Somaliland Constitution Only Those Who Lived In Somaliland Before Independence Were Permanent Citizens.

“We Were Attacked In The 60’s, We Got Recognition, We Went Astray, We Came Back. The Somaliland Constitution Says The Citizens Of Somaliland Are The People Who Lived In The Sixties And Before. Let Them Know Before They Settle Down, ”Said Faisal”.

Faisal Said Somali Leaders And Politicians Have Been Busy With Abaarso School In The Past And Are Now Busy Expelling The Somaliland Government From Las Anod, Making It Their Election Platform.

“For The Past Few Days They Have Been Busy Bringing School To Abaarso, And Now, They Are Busy In Las Anod. “I’m Going To Tell Them That Some Of My German Children Are Cousins,” Said Faisal.

Faisal Has Previously Criticized The Somaliland Government’s Handling Of The Expulsion Of Non-Somalilanders From Las Anod.

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