Former Galmudug Security Minister Accuses President Qoor-Qoor Of Collaborating With Al-Shabab.
October 10, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Mogadishu – (QN24) – Former Galmudug Security Minister Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, Speaking At A Press Conference In Mogadishu, Warned Of An Unforgivable Conflict That the President Qoor-Qoor Is Mobilizing In Galmudug Region.
Former Minister Fiqi Said That The Federal Government And Galmudug Have Deployed 1,000 Troops In Dhusamareb With The Intention Of Attacking Guri’El And Massacring The People Of Galmudug. According To Him.

Fiqi Described It As Unfortunate That In The Recent Galmudug War Against Al-Shabaab, The Federal Government Lacked Troops To Take Part In That War. But When Ahlu Sunna Arrived in Galmudug, A Thousand Troops Were Brought From Mogadishu.

“We did not know that the President (Qoor-Qoor) Is An Ally Of Al-Shabaab, That He Has Sympathy For Al-Shabaab,” Fiqi Said, Adding That The Galmudug President Had Rejected Any Peaceful Solution To Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a.

“I met with the Leaders of Alsunna. They told me that they want to live in peace in Galmudug And Take Part In The Fight Against Al-Shabaab. Then The President came and I Told him that I have the key to the Solution of Ahlu Sunna. “Tell me, you can’t go to Dhusamareb,” Fiqi Said.

Fiqi Said The Plan For The Conflict In Galmudug Was A Project To Mobilize Mogadishu And Disrupt The Galmudug elections.

He Said He Did Not Know Why Al-Shabaab Had Not Been Fought And That He Had A Lot Of Land In Galmudug, And That The Recent Fighting Had Captured 17 Military Vehicles Belonging To The Galmudug Presidency.

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