Somaliland Issues New Order For Non-Somalilanders Living In Sanaag Region.
October 10, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin
Erigavo – (QN24) – The Deputy Governor Of Sanaag Region, Mohamed Khalif Nur, Has Ordered Non-Somalilanders Living In Sanaag Region To Leave The Region Within 14 Days.

Khalif Said The Order Came From The Central Government Of Somaliland And Ordered Them To Leave The Region Within 14 Days.

“It is a decision made by the national committee of the government of Somaliland, a decision which is for foreigners to leave the Sanaag region and go to the country they left for work, today, October 10, we are making it clear to those people that they are ready in the country. leave in 14 days, “said Khalif.Khalif also told the people of Sanaag who had business dealings with the community to separate within the 14-day deadline.

“Let the Sanaag people do business with each other, and let them work with the people of Sanaag to get out, because these people have a lot in common, some have become partners, some have owned companies, some have had homes.” said Khalif.

The Somaliland government is conducting joint operations to expel non-Somalilanders from the eastern regions of Sool and Sanaag, mostly from the Southwestern Somalia administration, which has been in the region for many years.

Police are also collecting Ethiopians from major cities in Somaliland, such as Hargeisa, and repatriating them.

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