Lawmaker Barkhad Jama Batun Handed Over $ 20,000.
October 12, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin


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Hargeisa – (QN24) – Halimo Aw Omar Farah (Halimo British), A Member Of The Somaliland Diaspora, Handed Over A $ 20,000 Pledge To MP Barkhad Jama Batun Last Night, After Somalia’s Minister Of Aid Khadija Mohamed Diriye Has Withdrawn Money She Had Previously Promised Batun To Give Him A Car.

Halimo British, Handed A $ 20,000 Check To MP Batun On The Same Day At A Media Event In Hargeisa’s Daami district, And Intended For Batun To Buy A Luxury Car.

She described Minister Khadija’s Remarks As “Intrusive And Aimed At Harming Somaliland” And Said She Had Responded Immediately To Defend Somaliland.

“It’s Not Something That Came From Her Alone, It’s Something That Was Going On And Maybe She Thought You Were Going To Barkhad In A Small Farm, And She Saw A Young Man Who Could Change Her Position. I Saw Khadija Passing By And Somaliland Being Shot And I Too. I Was A Soldier Defending Somaliland, ”Said Halimo British.

Batun, For His Part, Said He Had Received The Gift From Halimo And Thanked Her.

“I am Very Grateful To My Sister. I Thank Her For Honoring Me. She Came With A Good Feeling. I Accepted The Gift She Brought Me. The $ 20,000 My Sister Gave Me,” Batun Said.

Batun Also Said He Would Start A Health Center In Hargeisa’s Daami Neighborhood With The Money And Pocket Money.

“I’m Not Driving, But, For The Good Of The Nation And For The Needs Of The Environment, We Want To Do It. The Neighborhood Needs A Health Center, And I’m Adding $ 10,000. I Want To Transfer $ 30,000.” The Elders Should Start The Clinic Immediately, ”Said Batun.

Somalia’s Aid Minister Said Last Night That She Had Returned A Car She Had Promised To Batun, After He Won A Landslide Victory In Somaliland’s Parliamentary Elections. Somaliland Government Expels Sool Region And Somali Prime Minister Responds To Expelling.

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