Kumiye’s Party Has Already Failed And Minister Mohamed Kahin Says He Stands For The Chairman Of The Party Kulmiye!!.
October 13, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa- (QorilugudNews24) -Kumiye Party, Which Has Been Declining Day By Day Since The Inauguration Of President Muse Bihi Abdi, Now Wants To Bay Tribute To Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, Who Seems To Be Wanted Again To Blow The Whistle, And To Seek The Support Of The Communities In Eastern Somaliland Again, This Will Never Be Possible, Because The Somali Proverb Says That A Believer Is Not Bitten Twice, And the Enormity Of The Problem Cannot Be Summed Up.

The Massive Damage And Crippling Of The Kulmiye Party And Its Leaders In The Eastern Regions Of Somaliland, Whether It Is Economic, Education, Health Care, Social Affairs And Whether It Is A Military Rank And The Leadership Positions Of The Various Forces In The Somaliland Country,These Were Excluded From The Community.

So Many People Are Wondering What Will Happen To Minister Mohamed Kahin, Who Has Been In Power Since The Founding Of Somaliland, But What Did He Not Do Today As Somaliland’s Minister Of Interior, Which He Will Do When He Become The Chairman Of Kulmiye Party ?.

Finally, We Warn The Communities In Eastern Somaliland To Once Again Beware of the Deceitful Promises And Barren Promises Of The Kulmiye Party And Their Empty Positions, Which Will Only Add To The Harm, and if You Take that Warning, Alhamdulillah, If You Reject It, The Rabbi Alamin.

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