President Kenyatta Addresses ICJ Ruling In Kenya Over Somali Maritime Case.
October 13, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Nairobi – (QN24) – Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Has Expressed Disappointment Over A Ruling By The International Court Of Justice (ICJ) In A Maritime Dispute Between Kenya And Somalia.

In A Ruling On Tuesday, The ICJ Gave Somalia Control Of Most Of Kenya’s Territorial Waters.

President Kenyatta Said Kenya Is Committed To Finding A Diplomatic Solution To The Maritime Dispute Through African Union Institutions Such As The African Union Boundaries Program.

The Kenyan President Made It Clear That Kenya Was Not Surprised By The Court’s Decision, Stating, However, That Nairobi Would Not Accept Or Abide By The Ruling By The Hague-Based court.

“While Kenya Is Not Surprised By The Decision, It Is Deeply Concerned about the Imposition of the decision and its implications for the Horn of Africa region, and International Law In General. “Initially, Kenya wants to show that it Rejects it outright and does Not Recognize the outcome of the decision,” a statement from the Kenyan Presidency said.

The Kenyan President finally called on the International Community to create a conducive Environment for seeking a negotiated settlement between Kenya and Somalia, noting that The Two Governments have Borders, and Communities Sharing Common Social, Cultural And Religious Values.

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