Somaliland Thanks Taiwan For Support And Friendship.
November 20, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa- (QorilugudNews24) – In A Statement Posted On The Website Of The Somaliland Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, The Somaliland Government Expressed Its Gratitude To Taiwan For Its Friendly Relations And Support To Somaliland.

“The Government of Somaliland is very grateful to Taiwan for its Friendship And Support Over The Past Year, Despite The Influence Of Covid19, The Friendship Between Somaliland And Taiwan Has Greatly Benefited Our Citizens,” The Statement Said.

“Despite the Unrecognized Challenges Facing Somaliland and Taiwan, They Have Both Succeeded in Establishing A Strong Democratic System, A Free Market Economy, And Value For Money,” The Statement Said. They Share As The Basis Of Their Policy.

The Government Thanked Taiwan For Its Investment In Somaliland’s Agriculture, Technology, Energy And Health, Which The Statement Said Created new Opportunities And Jobs For Somalilanders.

Finally, The Statement Said That The Two Governments Will Continue To Develop A Prosperous Relationship.

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