Somali Regional State President Mustafa Muhumed Omar And A Delegation Led By Him Arrives In Somaliland.
November 27, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Tog-Wajale – (QN24) – The President Of The Somali Regional State Mustafe Muhumed Omar (Cagjar) And A Delegation Led By Him, Who Arrived In Somaliland By Land, Said That He Is Moving Towards Somaliland And His Region To Work Together The Crisis In The Horn Of Africa.
“We Are Going To Talk To The Somaliland Authorities About Issues Related To Public Co-Operation, Such As The Economy, Social Integration, And Since The Change In The Environment, People Are Already Brothers And There Is A Big Change In Integration, Said Cagjar.

“Somaliland Is A Brotherly People, A Government We Love”.

President Cagjar Said He Would Share With The Media What Somaliland Leaders Have Agreed Upon After Holding Meetings.

The President And His Entourage Were Welcomed By The Somaliland Interior Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed And Other Somaliland Government Officials In The Border Town Of Tog-Wajale.

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