King Burmadow: “I Believe In Somaliland’s Secession From Somalia”.
November 29, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

Mogadishu – (QN24) –The King Of Horn Of Africa, King Osman Aw-Mohamoud Burmadow, Who Spoke To BBC Somali About His Visit To Mogadishu, Said He Had Come To Resolve A Dispute Between Somaliland Officials In Charge Of Somalia. The People Of Somaliland With The Independence Of Somaliland.

The King said the main Purpose of his visit was to resolve a dispute between Somaliland politicians in Mogadishu, and that he had succeeded in resolving the Dispute. “It was my journey to do that, and we have succeeded.”

The king said he would go to any part of Somalia where there was a conflict, to take part in their reconciliation, adding that He Had Already Traveled to other parts of Somalia.”Puntland, which is part of Somalia, has previously worked on Their Conflict in Somaliland. I am pleased with it. Wherever there is conflict, We Go To Ethiopia,”King Burmadow said”.

Asked by the BBC what he thinks of the Somaliland issue, King says he believes what the People of Somaliland believe: “It is the will of the people and I believe in what my People believe”.

King Burmadow has been in Mogadishu for the past few days, as well as in Baidoa, Where He Has Provided Financial Assistance To Displaced People In The Eastern Regions Of Somaliland.

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