Mubarik Yusuf Elmi Bidhi MP And May 27th Burao 26th Anniversary.
November 30, 2021 - Written by qoriadmin

We pray for all the Mujahideen who were martyred in the glorious struggle for the liberation of this country by the SNM. 27/31 MAY 1988 AND ALL OVER THE COUNTRY

Sovereignty of Somaliland has been watered with blood, by heroes, many children have been recognized.

The 27th of May is marked by the history of Somaliland. As the SNM heroes, with the support of the people of Burao, slammed the regime for its oppression of the people, units of the SNM jihadists marched on Burao.

and then we leave Mujahid Abdi Yusuf Elmi, my older brother who is now in Norway and was a Mujahideen in the SNM who used to detonate landmines in the city. We were greeted by a group of 87 young men who had joined the SNM, chanting the words of Allaahu Akbar, popularly known as the Mujahideen of the SNM.


I joined the Burao Police Force, and on that special day of May 27 and May 31st. Today is her 26th birthday. I present to you an interview with the Mujahideen on that day 27 May 1988 and how they entered Burao and the Mujahideen on that day. entered Burao as they did in Burao 27May 1988

I was fortunate enough to have Veteran Issa Qodah Gedi, now living in Birmingham UK, tell me what happened that day and how they came in when there are other Mujahideen who also need to be given these opportunities. And it is very, very important

During the SNM incursion into Burao, their morale was high, as the SNM deployed a powerful force with thousands of troops stationed in and around Togdheer.

Veteran Issa Qodah Gedi also interviewed me, Mubarak Yusuf (Bidhi) and he began his Speech

As Issa Qodax Gedi, I would like to share with you a small part of the history of the SNM on 27 May 1988, and it is well known that the struggle is a never-ending video. a day that the people of Somaliland need to always remember.

I was one of the Mujahideen who entered Burao that day and belonged to the so-called 3rd Organization. Ahmed Mire Mohamed Deputy Commander was the late Mujahid Adan Saleban (Ma-gubte) and we were 4 Units 1, 3, Alla-Amin and Tawakal and we left from Samatar Ahmed and Prayed the evening Prayer on 26/05/88 all day long in Worship and Allah tomorrow,When we moved, it was the evening Prayer and after that Prayer, Every Man (Every Veteran) had a piece of paper with a verse on it written on his Pen. Every Veteran had lost it.

I remember that the Mujahideen had all the ammunition in the vault, there was no other place to look for ammunition and no other rescue. can we get it? We agreed that ammunition and fuel were our enemy’s targets in Burao.

On the night of 11.00PM – 11.30PM on our way to Burao, we were approached by troops from Haydh Ducato village in Bee-Beyo who were occupying the country. We broke it because we were going for something bigger. We did not want to use our power together and my plan would change if we used that.


During the morning prayers on Friday 27/05/88, we prayed on the outskirts of Burao. We got rid of it and immediately entered the Darawish Army at the Air Force Base equipped with a lot of Anti-AirGraf weapons. and Command Officers present.

Immediately we entered the city we entered and when we defeated the army we engaged in a great battle in which Mujahid Ahmed Mire Mohamed was the second Mujahideen to be wounded then Adan Saleban (Ma-Gube) became the Commander of the Army while Hassan Ali Abokor He became the Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces. I also remember a battle that took place at the airport, in which many Mujahideen martyred 43 martyrs, including the famous Mujahid Ibrahim Jama Dhiif (Ha-Liqin). I also remember that day. passing by and I remember the Mujahideen,I remember the son of Maalim Harun who also entered Adadley Mujahid Marxun Mohamed Ali who took over the weapons and ammunition of Faqash which was the place where the enemy lived and it was feared that it would be defeated in Burao and Hargeisa.

.Mujahid Marxun Mohamed Ali, after defeating the Faqash Forces in Adadley with Artillery and Vehicles, rescued all the Adadley Camps and Entered Burao, which was joined by a large force of SNM forces in Burao. ,,,, May God have mercy on him ,,, Marxun Mohamed Ali.

He concluded by saying that it was a victory for us that today our independence came as a result of this successful struggle and that these heroes sacrificed their lives.


Watch Part 3 of Mubarak Yusuf (Bidhi) ‘s speeches by Mujahid Mohamed Ali and other Mujahideen who were present at the speech and at the time of the Burao massacre, the officials of Berbera left for the operation of Mujahid Ibrahim Dhagaweyne.31 May the day Hargeisa was captured.


I will send you the pictures in Part 3 but I always apologize for not being able to write the history of the struggle and the Mujahideen. It takes a lot of time and effort. Burao. From Sahil to Bari to western parts of the country


Prepared by Mubarak MP Yusuf Elmi (Bidhi) Birmingham UK.

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