Fadumo Osman Aden Died At A Hospital In Hargeisa Just Hours Before Her Wedding.
January 15, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – The Somali Community Today Was Shocked By The Shocking News Of A Girl Whose Wedding Was Expected To Take Place Today And She Passed Away Unexpectedly.

Social Media Users Have Been Talking A Lot Since This Morning, And The Joy Of The Wedding Has Suddenly Been Replaced By Mourning.

The Wedding Of Fadumo Ismail And Khalid Mohamed Mohamud Has Been Taking Place In A Hotel In Hargeisa For The Past Few Days, According To Saeed Mohamud Gahair, Who Was One Of The Guests At The Wedding.

“It Simply Came To Our Notice Then, She Did Not Die In An Accident. She Is Safe And Sound. It Was Skipped Yesterday, And It Was Expected To Improve This Morning The Marriage Was Replaced By Death, ”He Wrote.

How Did Death Come About?.

Attempts To Contact The Girl’s Family To Speak To The BBC Have Not Been Possible, But Reports From Sources Close To The Family Says That Faduma Osman Died Of A Stroke.

One Of The People Who Spread The Word On Social Media Was Ahmed Karaama, Who Said They Had Been Neighbors Of The Deceased Girl for 15 Years, And That their Two Homes Were Next Door.

He Said He Got Dressed This Morning To Attend Faduma And Khalid’s Wedding, But Things Turned Out Differently.

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