Waddani Party Officials Say, They Were Survived An Assassination Attempt.
January 16, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – The Secretaries Of Internal Affairs, Social Affairs And The Private Secretary Of The Waddani Party’s Presidential Candidate Say They Tried To Assassinate Them While They Were Having Lunch At A Restaurant In Hargeisa’s Jigjiga Yar Neighborhood.

Home Secretary Mohamed Farah Abdi, Social Affairs Secretary Mohamed Saqid Dhame and the Party’s Secretary General Abdikadir Idle, said they were attacked with a glass Check.

“At 2:15 PM, while we were having lunch at this Ethiopian restaurant … we were Subjected To An Assassination Attempt, some Men in Uniform and A Young Man sitting There, and When We Finished Our Lunch and Sat Down …they  Were Thrown At Us A Large Glass Of Drinking Water, “Dhamme’s Spokesman Told The Media.

Dhamme Accused The Somaliland Presidency Of being Part Of The Attack, “Since The Presidency Is Part Of A Group Of Men In Uniform, We Will Leave It To The Judiciary”.

The Secretaries said they had reported the Incident To The Police, and that the Police Had Worked Closely With Them and Were Still Investigating.

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