Why Is President Bihi Interested In Dividing The People Of Somaliland?.
March 9, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Hargeisa – (QN24) – Over The Past Four Years, The Republic Of Somaliland Has Faced Renewed Divisions As A Result Of President Bihi’s Administration And The President’s Rhetoric In Various Forums.

So The Question Is What Is The Point Of The President Making These Unconventional Speeches In Public?

People Familiar With President Bihi’s Political Hehavior Say That The President’s Political History Is Dominated by Divisive And Divisive Politics. Where There Is Very Little Policy Of Social Integration And Conflict Resolution!

When You Look Back At The President’s Administration Over The Last 4 Years, You Will See That The President Has Been In Dire Need Of A Political Approach To Unifying, Consolidating And Resolving Political Disputes, Many Of Which Have Been Caused By The President’s Reckless Speech Said In Public Inappropriate.

“The Smart Politician Who Divides The Society, Fails In Ahe Policy Of Uniting And Leading The People!.

As the President Prepares For A Trip To The United States, He Desperately Needs To Show The People Of Somaliland, Both At Home And Abroad, A Policy Of National Unity. This Has Indirectly And Directly Contributed To The President’s Message To The World We Are Seeking Recognition Of, And To The People Of Somaliland Who Are Preparing To Welcome The President.

Unfortunately, The President Has Taken The Learned Path Of Bigotry. He Left The Country Amid renewed Political Controversy, And The Diaspora Is Facing A Time When The People Of The Republic Of Somaliland Are Divided Over His Last Words.

Finally, There Is No Day When The People Of The Republic Of Somaliland Need More Unity And A Leader Who Can Take The People Out Of The Drought And Inflationary Situation.

With Just A Few Months To Go Before His Election, The President Has A Duty To Change His Policy In The Next Few Days, To Consult And Reconsider, So That The Country Can Hold A Fair And Free Election!.

Written by Ahmed Ismail Abdi


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