Why War Ended In Somaliland But Continued In Somalia: A Political Settlements Approach.
April 9, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin


Sydney – (QN24) – The Case Of Somaliland Offers Insights Into Why Some Domestic Power Struggles,“ Including Violent Ones, “ Build The Foundations For Relative Political Order While Others Perpetuate Cycles Of Economic Malaise And Political Violence.

This Session Will Look At Why Large-Scale Violence Was Resolved In The Internationally Unrecognised Republic Of Somaliland, But Not In The Rest Of Somalia.

It Will Argue That There Were Three Particularly Important Factors At Play: A Domestically-Funded Peace Process That Motivated Cooperation Among Elites; Somalilanders’ Conscious Desire For An Enclave Of Peace Within The Surrounding Turmoil; And The Fact That There Was A History Of Quality Secondary Education Being Available To At Least Some Within Somaliland, Which Helped To Provide Critical Leadership Skills Among Select Elites.

This presentation draws from a longer work that was generously funded by the Developmental Leadership Program: click Here

It is now being continued with funding from the Australian Research Council.

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