Farmajo And His Allies Lose 11th Parliamentary Election In Somalia.
April 28, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Mogadishu – (QN24) – Sheikh Aden Madobe’s Victory In The Lower House Of Parliament On Wednesday And Abdi Hashi’s Victory In The Upper House Election On The 26th Of This Month Marked The End Of The Farmajo Administration’s Tenure, As Somalia Embarked On A Change Of Ideology And Administration Against The Administration.

Aden Madobe and Abdi Hashi Were Among Those Who Opposed Farmajo’s Administration In Recent Years As Opposed To His Dictatorial Policies And Extensions, Hashi Served As Speaker Of The Upper House While Madobe Was A Leader In The Opposition Himilo Qaran Party Led By The Fomer President Of Somalia, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

In the race for the upper house, Farmajo’s Administration pushed Salah Ahmed Jama and Abdihakim Malin while the Parliament Wanted Farmajo with Hassan Abdi Nur, but they were all defeated.

Farmajo’s defeat in both houses of the Somali federal parliament provides an opportunity for change in many Policies that have been rejected in recent years, and removes uncertainty over Security, Economic and Social Policies.

The country is going through a difficult period, with the loss of trust in the security services, which has become part of the conflict, with Farmajo repeatedly using the opposition to suppress the country instead of liberating the country and restoring security.

ATMIS, which is in a state of transition, has fired its top official, accusing him of Meddling in politics and supporting Farmajo, indicating that Farmajo not only used the Somali security forces but also happened at ATMIS.

Economically, Somalia has lost Trust In Donors, with the European Union and the United States cutting off Aid to Somalia, thanks to The Farmajo Administration.

Ongoing Debt Forgiveness Programs have come to a complete standstill and it has been repeatedly stated that the process is in Jeopardy if the Country does not change before June 2022.

In addition to security and the economy, the new trend against Farmajo will provide an Opportunity for a stable foreign policy, as well as a return to international Investment.

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