Somali Federal Government Names Mosque The Man Who Killed The Somali Clerics.
May 10, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Should Dafle Be Honored In A Mosque, Or Should He Be Brought Before The International Court Of Justice (ICC)?.

Hargeisa – (QN24) – On January 23, 1975, 10 Clerics Were Assassinated In Mogadishu For Protesting Against Communist Principles And Their Plans To Legalize The Country. The Clerics Were Arrested By The NSS, Headed By Ahmed Saleban Dafle. Some Of These Clerics Were Arrested At Mosques In Mogadishu While Either Offering Prayers Or Reciting Qur’anic Verses. The Slain Clerics Are:

1. Sheikh Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed Haji Osman (Walaaleeye
2. Sheikh Ahmed Iman
3. Hassan Isse Jilibey
4. Sheikh Mohamed Siyad Hirsi
5. Sheikh Ali Jama Hirsi
6. Sheikh Ali Hassan Warsame
7. Sheikh Yasiin Elmi Awil
8. Sheikh Adan Ali Hirsi
9. Sheikh Suleyman Jama Mohamed
10. Sheikh Muse Yusuf.

When The Clerics Were Shot, Their Bodies Were Piled Up In A Garbage Dump In The City. Many Residents Of Mogadishu Were Forced To Watch The Shooting. The Brutal Killing And Burial Of These Clerics Is An Incurable Wound In The Heart Of The Somali People Who Are 100% Muslims.

The Pain Was Revived By The Appointment Of Dafle To A Mosque Built In Mogadishu, Specifically To The Security Center. It’s Like The Rapist Who Got Married To The Rapist. But It Is Surprising That Prime Minister Kheyre, Who Knows The History Of The Country And The People, Dared To Do So. What Is The Purpose?.

Who is Ahmed Saleban Dafle?

Ahmed Was One Of The Founders Of The Group That Overthrew The Country’s Constitutional Government. This Group Has Trampled On The Constitution Of The Somali People. The Group, Which Left The ‘Supreme Revolutionary Council’ Led By Mohamed Siyad Barre, Began Cracking Down, Arresting, Robbing And Killing. They Shut Down All The Country’s Private Media Outlets, Such As Newspapers. They Have Overthrown The Country’s Independent Judiciary. They Also Arrested All Political Parties And Their Leaders.

Ahmed Saleban Dafle Was In Charge Of The Arrests And Spying. He Was The Head Of The NSS (National Security Service). It Is An Institution That Has Instilled Panic, Fear, Shock, Suspicion and Suspicion in Somali Society.

The Agency Had A Large Number Of Prisons Across The Country That Would Not Allow Anyone To Be Released. It Was Trained by Officers From The Former Communist East Germany. Punishment Equipment Such As Electrics, Knives, Light Bulbs, Chains, etc. Was Provided By The East German Agency For Suppression And Harassment called STAZI. Today We Are Witnessing The Atrocities Committed by STAZI Against The People Of East Germany.

Dafle Is A Murderer. He Is One Of The Perpetrators Of A Number Of Heinous Crimes. Dafle, One Of The Few Living In The ‘Revolutionary High Council’ Today, should have been Brought To Justice for His Crimes Against The Somali People. Today He Lives In Belgium. Violence Against The Country And The People Of Somalia Must Be Documented And Prosecuted At The International Criminal Court (ICC).

Bosnia, Rwanda, East Timor, Haiti And Iraq Have All Been Prosecuted. Efforts Should Also Be Made To Reward Dafle. It Is Unfortunate That Today He Is Free In Belgium, Or He Is One Of The Men And Women Who Fought For The Country And Is Honored In His Name, Let Alone In The Mosque Of Allah.

The Leaders Of The Federal Government should Consider Every Step They Take In Relation To Siyad Barre’s Government And His Group. If Left Unchecked, It Will Divide The Somali People, Who Have Not Yet Fully Recovered From The Civil War Caused By Siad Barre’s Government.
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