Siyad Barre’s Assassination Of Somali Clerics Against Family Law Based On Socialist Principles (1975).
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Hargeisa – (QN24) – 11 January 1975, Siad Barre’s Revolutionary Government Enacted A Law Called The Family Law, And The People. Paid For (Family Home).
12 Jan 1975: Siad Barre Delivers A Speech At The Stadio Cons In Mogadishu On The Occasion Of Women’s Day. Men And Any Civil Rights While Also Restricting Polygamy And Abolishing The Jurisprudence Of The Courts In The Country Until The Qur’anic Verses & Verses On Inheritance And Marriage Were Interpreted As Oppressing Women Which Is Against The Islamic Religion.

13 Jan 1975: He meets with the Judges of the Country’s Courts and tells them that the decision to take care of the Somali Family is being implemented and held in Mosques.
16-17 Jan 1975: Hundreds of Members of the Somali National Security Forces (NSS) are deployed in all major Mosques in Mogadishu to listen to the recitation, especially at Arbaa Rukun Mosque, where a lecture on equality between men and women was held. Leading scholars. On the same day, they arrested 35 clerics and accused them of collaborating with Arab gangs and receiving funding and training from Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia.

18-19 Jan 19775: Priests were tried for serious reasons and on 19 January 1975 the priests were sentenced to death and various prison terms.

23 Jan 1975: 10 A cleric was sentenced to death by firing squad at the Police Academy at 10:00 am. The fighting between the two sides left 52 civilians dead. May God have mercy on them and the clerics who were shot Dead.

1. Sheikh Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed Osman (Walaaleeye)
2. Sheikh Ali Hassan Warsame
3. Sheikh Absiye Diriye
4. Sheikh Osman Jama
5. Sheikh Mohamoud Said Hersi
6. Sheikh Ali Jama Hersi
7. Sheikh Adan Ali Hersi
8. Sheikh Yasin Elmi Awil
9. Sheikh Ahmed Liban
10. Sheikh Muse Yusuf
6 The following clerics were sentenced to 30 Years in Prison and were as follows:
1. Sheikh Adan Nur Elmi Ali
2. Sheikh Mohamed Samatar Ali
3. Sheikh Abdi Salad Abdullahi
4. Sheikh Hersi Hussein
5. Sheikh Aden Abdullahi
6. Sheikh Hassan Barre
17 The other clerics were also sentenced to 20 Years in Prison.
1. Sheekh. Ahmed Mohamed Osman
2. Sheikh Abdi Ali Abdirahman
3. Sheikh Abdi Abdullahi
4. Sheikh Mohamed Mohamud Weheliye
5. Sheikh Ahmed Ali Yusuf
6. Sheikh Sharif Mohamed Yusuf
7. Sh. Abdullahi Farah Cigaal
8. Sheikh Maalim Hassan Maalim Abdirahman
9. Sheikh Yaqub Mohamed
10. Sheikh Mohamed Ma’alim Abbas Muse Farah
11. Sheikh Bashir Sheikh Mohamed
12. Sheikh Ali Mursal Mohamed
15. Sheikh Mohamed Abdi
16. Sheikh Ismail Hassan Aden
17. Sheikh Hassan Awale

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