Prime Minister Roble: I Urge President Hassan Sheikh To Protect The Country From A Landlord.
May 19, 2022 - Written by qoriadmin

Mogadishu – (QN24) – Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble Has Described President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud As The Best Candidate To Lead The Country.

Despite Criticism Of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s Previous Rule, Prime Minister Roble Said He Believed The President Had The Experience To Address The Situation In The Country.

“President Hassan Sheikh Has Agreed With Somalis That He Is An Elder Who Can Hold Somalis Together And Keep them In The World. It Is True That President Hassan Has Already Returned To The Presidency, There Are Many Allegations. A Person Is Not An Angel, Something Can Be Suspected, It Is Just Propaganda And It Exists. I Believe He Is The Most Suitable Person To Be Elected In The Country And Can Move The Train, ”Said Prime Minister Roble.

Roble Said He Had Gone Through A Lot Of hardships In The Run-Up To The Election, Including That His Government Was Unhappy With His Work.

I Advise President Hassan Sheikh, “Protect This Country Landlord”. You Are Responsible. I Tell You The Owner of This Country Does Not Own It. No One Brought You Here. Somalis Voted For You. Roads That Have Collapsed In Somalia Include Landlords. Make The Decision For Yourself, Your Prime Minister And Your Colleagues, ”Said Prime Minister Roble.

He Said He Was In Office And That A New Prime Minister Had Been Appointed And That He Was Ready To Provide The President With Any Suggestions On How To Improve The Country.
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